Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Please save pasargad نجات پاسارگاد/ نامه به یونسکو

این را همینحالا دریافت کردم و برای آگاهی دوستان و اقدام می آورم. موفق باشیم

This i found now in my inbox and post it for now.

Jay Baba
Please save pasargad

LOtfan Pasargad raa nejaat dahid

Please copy and paste this letter and send to UNESCO


Fax:33-1-45 68 55 96

To: Mr. Koïchiro Matsuura,



Dear Sir,

Following the letter of International Committee to Save the Archeological Sites of the Pasargad Plains to you, dated 10/10/2005, and since you have ignored our request for acting to stop this horrendous act of cultural catastrophe, I would like to bring this case to your attention once again. The time is short. The dam will begin its operations at the beginning of February 200 6 and your active response to this situation is highly recommended and expected by all responsible members of the human society


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