Thursday, July 14, 2005

list of translations up to date!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

List of translations up to date!

From English to Persian (Farsi) language

By other authors

39. Come, People of The World, Buddha’s spiritual couplets, In Persian and English, By S.N. Goenka, published by Kalame Shabda, Tehran, first print 2003, ISBN 964-94575

40. The little Book of Buddhist Wisdom, compiled by Richard and Diana St, Ruth, In Persian and English, published by Kalame Shabda, Tehran, first print 2003, ISBN 964-94575-1-8

41. The Celestial Prophecy, A pocket Guide book of the Nine Insights, by James Redfield, published by Kalame Shabda, Tehran, first print 2003, ISBN 964-94575-4-2

42. Intuition, Awakening Your Inner Guide, by Judee Gee

43. Chaikhana, The Tea House, a collection of short mystical stories, By Mosafir, translated from Hindi to English by Vasant B. Pole

44. Sparks of Silence بارقه هايي از سكوت Selected Pearls of Avatar Mehr Baba’s Silent Wordsگوهرهاي برگزیده از سخنان مهربابا Compiled byAnna Khandale, M.A. (under consideration for printing)

45. Extracts From The Teachings of Avatar Meher Baba ( A Practical guide to daily life)

From Persian to English

46. Drunkenly Along The Sufi Path of Love, by Mohsen Khatami & Prem Shashi, a special selection of 18 ghazals and the first 18 couplets from Masnavi Manavi, of the 13th-century Persian mystical poet, Jalaleddin Rumi. It features some new translations of his poems as well as brief biographies of him and his master Shams. Interwoven with 25 striking and original painted mandalas.

Osho’s books

1. The Book of Secrets, Science of Meditation,
The 112 Meditation Techniques described in Vigyana Bhairava Tantra,
in 7 volumes, 1800 pages A4.
2. Zartushtra, The God That Can Dance, 400 pages A4
3. The Book of Books, on Buddha’s teachings, (Dhammapada, Vol 3), 250 pages A4
4. The Secret (on Sufism ), 570 A4 {First published in March 2001, by Frararavan Publications, in 2 volumes : ISBN for both =946-613-35-8 Vol. 1- ISBN =946-613-46-3 / Vol. 2 –ISBN = 946-613-47-1, both volumes 4th print, 2004}
5. Secret of Secrets (on Taoism ) 400 pages A4
6. Dhammapada, Series 11, (on Buddha’s teachings), 240 pages A4
7. Divine Melody, (on Songs of Kabir), 240 pages A4
8. The First Principle (on Zen), 130 pages A4
9. Zen: The Path of Paradox (3 Volumes), 830 pages A4
10. Golden Future: The Greatest Challenge (compilation), 100 pages A4
19. I Teach Religiousness, Not Religion, 130 pages A4
11. Ah, This! (on Zen) {first Published in Sept. 2000, by Aveezheh Publications, Tehran/Iran,4th print in March2003, ISBN=964-6652-12-3}
12. Dogen, Zen Master, 115 pages A4
13. Sixty short stories in Zen, with commentary, the first Tarot cards- booklet, 70 pages A4
14. Transcendental Game of Zen, New Tarot cards- booklet, 90 pages A4
15. Seeds of Wisdom, (A collection of His Letters) 130 pages A4
16. No-mind: The Flowers of Eternity (on Zen) 140 pages A4 (published in Iran, by Sea Gull publications, under two ISBNs 964-7307-09-2/964-5705-15-0/summer 2002,
17. And Here, and Now, Vol. 1, 220 pages A4
18. “Diamonds of Awareness” The First compilation in Farsi, from some of the above sources, (first print, Spring 2003, by Sea Gull Publication, Tehran, Vol. 1, 255 pages A4
19. Marriage, Osho Times Magazine, Asian Edition, June 2000, 60 pages A4
20. Five Audio Tapes: on “money”, “compassion”, “aloneness”,
“Sex, a Door to Super nature” and “What is Love? 180 pages A4
21. The Transmission of The Lamp, The Uruguay Talks . Third volume, in 2 volumes: first 339 page, Second 358 pages = 697 pages A4
22. My Way: The Way of White Clouds, 270 pages A4
23. Path of Love, (on Songs of Kabir ), 245 pages A4
24. Path of Meditation, Step by step guide to meditation, 187 pages 25. From Sex to Superconsciousness , 146 pages
26. Forgotten Language of the Heart, 123 pages A4
27 . Witnessing the Murky, Rich World of Emotions, Osho Times Magazine, Asian Edition, May 2001, 53 pages A4
28. Yoga for the New Millennium, Osho Times Magazine, Asian Edition, Dec 2000, 41 pages A4
29. Breaking Free From The Past Osho Times Magazine, Asian Edition, Dec. 1999, 41 pages A4
30. Six keys to your child's success in 2000, Osho Times Magazine, Asian Edition , Sept 1999, 38 pages A4
31. Journey of Anger: suppression, transformation, compassion, Osho Times Magazine, Asian Edition, Sept 2000, 30 pages A4
32. Five Selected Articles on love and awareness, Osho Times International Magazine, Fall 1998, 28 pages A4
33. Education For Life and Death, Osho Times Magazine, Asian Edition, May 2000, 25 pages A4
34. Five selected questions and answers, from various sources, 14 pages A4
35. Priests and Politicians: The Mafia of The Soul, a compilation, 108 pages A4
36. The Art of Dying, Talks on Hasidism, 239 pages A4
37. Yoga, The Alpha and Omega, Vol. 5, 200 pages A4
38. The Rebellious Spirit, 358 pages A4.

Only 8 volumes of the above are published in Iran,

the rest need to be made available for the public.

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